Hi, there. My name is Celia Fuentes and I’m a musician, music teacher and translator living in Morin-Heights.

I play classical, acoustic and electric guitar. I also play the classical flute, the tin flute, the electric bass, the piano and I sing. I attended and graduated from FACE (Fine Arts Core Education) School, where I took music, choir, fine arts and drama classes. Over the years, I have participated in many musical projects in several different genres ranging from classical to punk.

I teach a structured method. Before learning songs, all my students are introduced to specific left and right hand techniques. These techniques are the foundation of everything else that will follow in the lessons and aim to maximize hand stretch, strength and dexterity.

To get to know me and my approach to teaching, please feel free to look through my website and blog.

Looking for a guitar or music teacher? Contact me for more information.