Morin Heights Elementary School

The After-School Group Music Program, only for MHES students, seeks to introduce children to basic music concepts, music notation and playing an instrument. The different levels are age appropriate in duration and in the material covered. All three levels emphasize musical ear development and learning to play in a group with active listening.

Deadline to register: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To register, please download the registration form and return it to the school before the deadline. Questions or concerns? Contact me.


Level 1 and Level 2 lessons will be offered only this fall. Children only need to meet the grade requirement for each level. Prior music experience is not necessary for any level.

Level 1: Rhythm and Djembe drum

(grades 1 and 2: sign up quickly, limited places)

The foundation of music is rhythm. Students will learn how to count, tap, clap and stomp to a beat. They will also get the chance to play rhythm patterns on Djembe drums and other percussive instruments in a group. These 30-minute lessons are a great way to initiate children to music in a fun and stress-free group environment.

Level 2: Tin Flute

(grades 3 and 4: sign up quickly, limited places)

At this level, we add melody to rhythm. During these 45-minute lessons, students will learn the music alphabet, basic music notation to read notes and rhythms, and how to play songs as a group. The tin flute is an ideal first instrument. It is present in many kinds of music (folk, classical, traditional, Irish, South African, etc.) and it is the perfect size for growing hands. Manual and new tin flute (to keep) included.

Level 3: Guitar

(grades 5 and 6 sign: up quickly, limited places)

To rhythm and melody, is the added challenge of a stringed instrument. Although playing the guitar requires hand stretch, dexterity and strength, with a little practice, anyone can learn to play. During these 60-minute lessons, students will learn the proper technique to minimize the chances of injuring their growing hands, and learn basic music notation for melodic and rhythmic playing. Finally, by listening to different genres, this course seeks to plant the seeds for a lifelong love of the guitar. Manual included. Classical guitar and carrying case are available for the lessons and to take home to the first 8 students who request it (please check the box in the sign-up form).

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