MHES after-school group guitar lessons

I’m pleased to announce that I’m giving the after-school group guitar lessons at Morin Heights Elementary School. It’s an introductory course to show students a few basic techniques and skills to be able to play. Last week, I gave this session’s first lesson to eight children from grade 4 to grade 6. The school library will be full of guitar rhythms and melodies until December 12.

Manual and Exercises

I’m used to giving individual private lessons, so I admit it was a challenge transforming a section of my level 1 lessons to meet the needs of a group. During private lessons, although I follow a specific method, I do adapt the course material and pace to each student. But for this group, I had to decide what I thought would be reasonable to accomplish within eights weeks and plan the course material and exercises accordingly. The result? My first group Manual and Exercises handouts.

Group Dynamics

Although these lessons are meant as an introduction to the guitar, I knew the group would consist of students with different guitar experience, musical ability and tastes. And that’s just how I like it!

Group dynamics can be very beneficial. It was fun to see how, without even noticing, students were learning from one another. For example, they were exposed to the different guitars of their peers. For now, there are several classical and acoustic guitars, and there may be one or two students interested in picking up an electric a little later on in the session. The students also alluded to different genres: classical, flamenco, reggae, rock, pop, punk and metal were among those mentioned.

I plan on adding some active peer-to-peer learning, maybe with one student looking/listening to another’s finger exercises… much in the same way younger students in elementary school pair up and read to one another in class. Another possibility could be pairs practicing certain exercises together during lessons to see how they keep up together with a tempo.

I asked this session’s students to ask themselves—and then write down—their reasons for wanting to learn the guitar. I can’t wait to find out what they are and maybe they will want to share them with the group. We’ll see. Whatever happens, they know what my golden rule is:

No one leaves the lesson without giving me a high five!


Looking for a guitar teacher? Contact me for more information.

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