NEW: Group Lessons for all ages!

Would you like to learn the basics of playing the guitar, but don’t know where to start?

Do you already know guitar basics, but would like to play with others?

I’m very excited to announce another session of group guitar lessons listed in the Morin-Heights bulletin. These lessons are open to both residents and non-residents, and are for beginners to intermediate players. There are two age groups.

Group lessons are like playing in a band, but made up entirely of guitarists. The ambiance is more festive than with private lessons and you get to meet and play with students of different levels.

This is how it works: Students with different abilities play different parts. So complete beginners can play chords or simple melodies, while more advanced students play more demanding rhythmic and melodic parts. Group lessons are flexible allowing students to work as hard as they want and advance at their own pace.

Course material is included which provides: guitar basics; warm-up exercises; how to read chord charts, TAB and rhythm notation; common scales; and the pieces the group will play.

And for students interested in performing, a mid-term goal of these lessons is to form a guitar band that will grow and perform together (much like a choir, but with guitars). Stay tuned!

Check out Frequently Asked Questions concerning the group lessons and Lessons/Rates for more information.

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